About the Designer: MoBu Atelier

MoBu Atelier is a design studio composed by three partners from the areas of architecture and design based in São Paulo, Brazil. Established in 2015, MoBu is dedicated to the creation of internal and urban furniture and objects that brings the sensitivity of each piece in contact with the consumer. The concept of combining form and content of its raw and original materials allows Fábio Bueno Santos, Gabriel Bueno and Gustavo Moreau to use their techniques to explore its sensory possibilities in a modern and personal environment. In the presented e=mc3 product the centuries old concept of wood barrel as we know it, finds a new clothing by the hands of MoBu.

About the Product: E=mc3: Redefining the aging process of your distillates

The centuries old concept of wood barrel as we know it, finds a new clothing by the hands of MoBu Atelier, from São Paulo, Brazil. The aging process of distilled beverages is rethought from inside out and this time, the wood is no longer surrounding the liquid, but instead it is surrounded by it, while promoting the natural exchange between alcohol and oxygen in a contemplative set.

Traditionally used by the beverage industry for years, wood and distillates are no strangers to each other. The wood serves as a flavoring agent and operates on the drinks aging due to its partial sealing. In practical manner, the MoBu’s e=mc3 Aging Bottle – which stands for “envelhecimento = madeira x cachaça ao cubo” or Brazilian Portuguese for aging = wood x cachaça cubed – ensembles the glass and the wood in an immersion set that keeps the beverage both alive and full bodied.

Conceived in Brazil and originally developed for its national liquor of choice, cachaça, its different options of woods (American oak, amburana, cariniana, walnut, cabreúva) can accommodate different beverages such as whiskey, rum and grappa and also cocktails – Negroni and Old Fashioned being good calls. By combining form and content, the e=mc3 brings the consumer closer to the wood as a natural and raw material and allows greater control of the taste and the maturation stages of the drink.

Let the bottle do the aging so the spirits can do the living!