About the Designer: Fellicia

In 2011, Renata Piazzalunga, architect and researcher in the area of Creative Economy, co-founder of the Institute of Researches and Technology and Innovation (IPTI), set up the FELLICIA brand to market products that empower local identity, craftsmanship, sustainable use of Brazilian raw materials and contemporary design.

FELLICIA’s proposal is to connect these items and to perpetuate knowledge that expresses what is most authentic in each culture, as a way of reinvigorating and renewing life. The collections presented by FELLICIA are a sample of traditional techniques inherited from the immigrants to Brazil of Europe, Africa as well as indigenous America and which when introduced into Brazilian culture were subjected to adaptations typical of cultural fusions.

FELLICIA products tell these stories and serve as connections between differing identities. The brand believes in humanity as a trend, and what we produce is, therefore, timeless. FELLICIA a way of seeing the world and sharing knowledge.

An important aspect of the brand is the constitution of an innovation fund for the artisans, by which a percentage of the sales value of each product is returned to the communities. In 2016 a showroom was opened in São Paulo.

About the Product: Deconstruction Collection (Hammocks & Cushions)

This collection casts a critical eye on traditional handicrafts, among them embroidery, lacework and weaving, rediscovering the meaning and value of these techniques within a contemporary world.

In partnership with the designers, Guilherme Leite Ribeiro and André Bastos, from the Nada Se Leva Studio, new products came about from the deconstruction of repeated patterns and techniques taken to the extreme revealing their expressions and through the insertion of new elements, in this way innovating in product design proposals.

About the Product: Tecituras Collection (Hanging Lamps)

In this collection it is the vegetable fibres, rather than the techniques used, that are the stars of these products.

With the aim of bringing to light elements linked to Brazilian identity, we discovered the diversity and abundance of raw materials that can be transformed, shaping not only the products, but also, and principally, the lives of those making them.

In this way, products full of environmental, social, aesthetic, and formal significance have been created, that surprise with the contemporary and elegant design of designer Kelley White.