About the Designer: Domingos Tótora

Domingos Tótora was born and raised in Maria da Fé, a city in the mountainous region in the south of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Domingos Tótora returned to his hometown after studying design in Sao Paulo and embraced recycled cardboard as the key material for his work, which falls between art and design. The surrounding landscape, the colors, the effects of light and shade and his passion for nature serve as the sources of inspiration for his work. Starting with recycled cardboard he creates objects and sculptures where beauty is inseparable from function, granting an artistic aura to common everyday objects.

Domingos Tótora’s studio in Maria da Fe is a modern, open space nested between the deep blue of the open sky and the emerald green of the mountains. Here, the natural light is tangible, giving form to the surfaces of objects and sculptures. Nature and work embrace and interact with each other.

Domingos Tótora exclusively works with recycled discarded cardboard. In a certified sustainable process, recycled cardboard is broken up into small pieces and turned into a pulp that serves as the base material for furniture, objects and sculptural pieces that are molded by hand, dried in the sun and finished to perfection. In this beautiful and labour-intensive process, the cardboard which originated as wood, essentially is brought back full cycle by taking on a wood-like quality again. The resulting items are furniture, objects and sculptures handmade by local artisans under the guidance of Domingos Tótora.

The beauty of Domingos Tótora’s work not only manifests itself in the final product that one might acquire, but in the process itself, including local craftsmen, generating income to deprived communities, while preserving the environment.

We believe sustainability happens through actions and not words.